How to Name a Cat

A fun conversation about mountains, monads, types and heels reminded me about the first University years and one of our favourite math jokes. Here’s an attempt to translate it (original):

- Btw, Basis is a good name for a cat.
- Yeah, imposing...
- "Basis, come here". 
  "Yes... Basis is full... Look at our complete Basis."
  "Basis, shoo from the bed! Where is your space?"
- "C'mon, convert to normal!"
- "Basis, we'll measure you!"
  "We want to know your dimension"
  And if we get another cat with the same name, we can make a change of Basis.
  And we also can rotate Basis.
- And shear ))
- And scale a bit! (in one dimension though)
  And when it stands, it's orthogonal!
  The paws are the same, so normalized too!
  i.e. we have EUCLIDEAN BASIS!!!


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